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From idea to development
and large-scale production

Collaborating on innovation and development

With large-scale die-cutting and automated sheet metal work realizes Stanstechniek innovations for a wide variety of industries. We are a versatile production partner, but we do much more than just execute what is already signed. In fact, we love a rough idea or initial concept idea, because then we can do what we are really good at: developing together!

With our knowledge of the latest production technology, we can optimize designs in terms of material reduction, cost reduction or functional improvement, for example. Knowledge and development are at the heart of Stanstechniek. In doing so, we ensure growth and development for our clients as well as for our passionate employees. Do you have an idea? Then come talk to Stanstechniek.

Our services

Development and co-engineering

To arrive at the best product design, it is essential to incorporate the available knowledge of manufacturing into design choices early on. Our passionate staff of highly trained engineers enjoy diving into product concepts or rough sketches. Depending on whether it is punching or sheet metal, there are then a number of follow-up phases until final series production and assembly.


The route for stamping, or also called stamping or full-cut bending, is to design the products and associated tooling on a co-engineering basis. Then, in our tool shop, we manufacture the tooling to make metal parts accurate to the tenth of a millimeter from tire material and sheet material. What is unique about Stanstechniek is that we can offer not only large-scale semi-finished products, but also mass assembly of components through robotization.

Sheet Metal

For sheet metal, we can develop products and semi-finished products during the co-engineering phase that can be produced by Stanstechniek’s almost fully automated sheet metal plant. For parametric products, a digital product configurator is even available that allows customers to send orders directly to our sheet metal fabrication plant. This avoids a lot of unnecessary administrative and repetitive work such as placing orders, creating working drawings and manual programming work. Within the sheet metal fabrication plant, it involves both accurate laser cutting and punching. Edging, assembly, welding and finishing are then the final steps before everything is ready to be shipped.

About us

Stanstechniek has been around since 1963, but its growth over the last 10 years has been initiated primarily by a strong focus on knowledge development and trade specialization required to explore the limits of optimization and cost reduction. This also means plenty of growth and development for everyone working at Stanstechniek. We invest in new techniques and in training for our driven, mostly young, employees. And then we work together on ever new, challenging projects for our clients!

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Working at Stanstechniek

Do you enjoy working in a company where you are challenged to develop and grow? Then we have very nice job opportunities for you. Because at Stanstechniek, nothing stands still and we are always working on the next thing. We are not the typical metal company that processes orders, but Partner in Development. We like to think along from the first rough idea and then we make every effort to realize this idea. In addition, we deal a lot with optimization of existing products and production methods. To stay ahead, we invest in new technology, knowledge development and training for our people. Because people make the difference, especially in engineering!

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Customer case study


Working closely with the customer, we developed a sound-absorbing and weatherproof casing for outdoor units for heat pumps in new-build homes. In order to provide sustainable climate control technology tailored to the outdoor storage unit it will be incorporated into, the client approached Stanstechniek to develop the enclosure. Not with 3D designs, but with a handmade block box as a starting point. Engineer Joost Volkers tells how we came to a successful project together.

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Tens of millions of units have since been delivered, but it started in late 2015 when a mounting system specialist asked us to look at a more efficient version of a whole range of mounting brackets for which solar panels…

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Product development soundproof enclosure

The energy transition requires building gas-free new homes. Therefore, a specialist in sustainable climate technology approached Stanstechniek to develop a casing for the outdoor units of air-to-water heat pumps.

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