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a look behind the scenes

Milestones, new developments, partnerships or projects, as soon as we have time for them in the daily hustle and bustle, we like to turn them into concise news items and clear cases. Learn more about what keeps us busy and take a look behind the scenes at Stanstechniek.


Tens of millions of units have since been delivered, but it started in late 2015 when a mounting system specialist asked us to look at a more efficient version of a whole range of mounting brackets for which solar panels…

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Product development soundproof enclosure

The energy transition requires building gas-free new homes. Therefore, a specialist in sustainable climate technology approached Stanstechniek to develop a casing for the outdoor units of air-to-water heat pumps.

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Doetinchem Open Business Day

It was another great event, the Open Bedrijvendag Doetinchem at the end of September 2022. At Stanstechniek, as an official opening, the ribbon was cut for a wide audience.

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