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Benefit from speed and tight unit prices

The sheet metal route

Our fully automated sheet metal fabrication facility provides the flexibility to deliver tight sheet metal from single pieces to large numbers very efficiently. The most defining steps in this regard are at the start of the process, at intake and co-engineering. The more thoroughly and carefully we consider this, the more time and quality you gain later in the production phase.

1. Co-engineering

With co-engineering, we can collaboratively provide the complete design of various components. Using industry-standard software, our engineers create or optimize the design of metal components based on established specifications and requirements. In doing so, they adhere to strict quality standards and methods such as FMEA, APQP, SPC and PPAP. With static and dynamic strength analyses, we avoid risks and quality problems already in the development phase, while all kinds of practical tests can be skipped. From co-engineering, we provide several offers, including technical and financial analysis.

2. Product Configurator

In recent years, Stanstechniek has developed several product configurators specifically for clients’ parametric products. By bringing all the knowledge of our production into the product configurator, along with a specific set of design choices, it is possible for customers to independently retrieve cost calculations and delivery times. This can be done online, 24/7 and in real time. Once the specifications and costs are agreed and confirmed, production is automatically started. We are working on wider availability of the product configurator. Ask for a demonstration if you want to know more.

3. Sheet Metal Works

Our automated sheet metal fabrication plant is driven from the work preparation and thoughtful co-engineering of the sheet metal product. For customers with parametric products, this step is automated with the product configurator. Work preparation is then integrated into the ordering process, after which material supply and laser cutting in the sheet metal shop are automatically started. After the necessary lace work, any finishing or manual assembly, each order goes documented and properly packaged for transport.

4. Assembly and welding

In addition to manual assembly and welding of parts into semi-finished products, we also have the capability of automated assembly or welding of suitable parts for this purpose. Together with a client and a manufacturer, we developed an assembly robot that can deliver composite parts up to hundreds of thousands of pieces. This provides a unique extra dimension and substantial efficiency improvement in the overall delivery process in mass production  of sheet metal parts.

5. Supply Chain Management

Our logistics specialists ensure that everything is bundled, packaged and labeled and placed in the warehouse, ready for shipment. But before that happens, all the previous steps must be completed in a streamlined manner. Stanstechniek is therefore strongly committed to controlling the total supply chain. With supply chain management, we monitor the shortest possible lead time. From work preparation and order processing to purchasing, production planning including edging and assembly, (internal) logistics and shipping. That includes tight direction for outsourcing finishing to specialists in powder coating, electrogalvanizing, degreasing, pickling and more.

Customer case study

Mass production with mass assembly accelerates energy transition

Here can come a textbook example of customer advantage through innovative manufacturing and mass assembly of fasteners for large-scale supply and installation of solar panels.

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