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Solar power with smart roof panels from Sunchip

Working on smart CO2 reduction: solar cell roofing sheets as alternative to asbestos roofs in the agricultural sector.

Within the innovation project “Sunchip,” we are working on the development of solar cells in roofing sheets, including the associated production process. The new product is mainly intended to replace asbestos roofs in the agricultural sector. With our partners, we use a technology with clusters of solar cells that transmit energy wirelessly. Benefits include longer life, higher efficiency, lower cost, higher design freedom and lower risk of fire. The project is being carried out together with Sunchip Projects, Aberzon Mechatronics, Stanstechniek Gaanderen and Dynteq.

Within the European grant program OP East 2014-2020, more than 6.8 million euros in funding has now been awarded to 6 projects involving 31 companies and organizations. In addition to solar cells in roof panels, safe batteries, a smart heat pump, concrete made from plastic waste, CO2 absorption for better indoor climate and large-scale production of beef substitutes

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